Here are some of the fantastic clients that Let’s Draw Studio has had the pleasure of working with: Nickelodeon, Simon & Schuster, Random House, Scholastic, Hasbro, Mattel/Fisher-Price, Procter & Gamble, The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village, Boy’s Life, Chase Bank, McDonald’s, Comair/Delta Air Lines, Stouffer’s, Nestle, Wilton, Twilight Creations and many more.


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Allen Bellman was born in Manhattan and studied at the High School of Industrial Arts. He eventually became a staff artist at Timely during the Golden Age of comics. Timely Comics is the 1940s comic-book publishing company that would evolve into Marvel Comics. As a teenager, he did the backgrounds for Syd Shores' Captain America in 1942, and eventually worked on titles such as: The Patriot, The Destroyer, The Human Torch, Jap Buster Johnson and Jet Dixon of the Space Squadron, All Winners Comics, Marvel Mystery Comics, Sub-Mariner Comics, Young Allies and more.


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Darryl Banks is from Columbus, Ohio, and a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design with a bachelor's degree. He began his comics career in 1989, working for various independent comic companies such as Innovation and Millennium Publishing. Darryl worked on titles such as Doc Savage: Man of Bronze, The Wild Wild West and Justice Machine. In 1993 he started working with DC Comics on Legion of Superheroes and later on Green Lantern. Co-creating the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, Parallax, and other characters was a great honor and challenge for Darryl's costume design skills. In addition to various other projects for DC, his work also includes Captain America and X-Men for Marvel, Tomb Raider: Epiphany from Top Cow, GI Joe Reloaded for Devil's Due Publishing, Johnnie Zombie for Midgard Comics and covers to Moonstone's Phantom series.
Darryl also does concept art and toy design. Clients include Hawthorne Village collectibles, Hasbro, Mattel, Filsinger Games, and many others.


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Mike W. Barr’s first professional sale was a detective short story, “Crime at the Comiconvention,” to Frederic Dannay, half of the Ellery Queen collaboration of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, in 1973. His second was an Elongated Man comic book script to DC editor Julius Schwartz in 1974.


Mike created and wrote the first comic book maxi-series, Camelot 3000, the first Batman team book, Batman and the Outsiders, the Ultraverse heroine Mantra and the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated The Maze Agency, as well as writing the first Batman graphic novel, Son of the Demon, and lots of Star Trek and Star Wars comics.


He lives in a house with just enough cats and not enough books.


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Tom Batiuk is the creator of the popular nationally syndicated comic strips Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft. Tom graduated from Kent State University in 1969 and taught junior high art until beginning Funky in 1972.


Ever since his first groundbreaking series in 1986 about the teenage pregnancy of his character Lisa, he has been hailed as an originator of a new genre in comic strip art. His unique style of “narrative humor” allows him to explore major social issues and led him to tell Lisaʼs Story, a story dealing with the emotional and physical consequences of breast cancer. The story was a Pulitzer Finalist in 2008, and was collected into an award winning book by the Kent State University Press.


Tom employs a gentle humor found in mining the common experiences of everyday life to push the envelope in his exploration of all that the comic art medium can express.


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Andy Bennett is an Ohio-based comics artist and illustrator. He began his career in 1995 with independent publisher Caliber Comics in titles like Saint Germaine and Negative Burn, as well as the full-length graphic novel Ghost Sonata (which was recently re-released by TransFuzion Publishing). Andy's work can also be seen in Moonstone Books' Kolchak the Night Stalker, Vampire: The Masquerade, and The Phantom: Generations series, among others, as well as titles from BOOM! Studios, and IDW books. In 2011 he contributed an all-new story to Columbus, Ohio's Nix Comics Quarterly, and is currently serving as art director for Ferret Press' PANEL Comics.


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Craig Boldman has been a professional cartoonist since 1978. He has written and drawn over 10,000 greeting cards for such companies as Hallmark, American Greetings and Recycled Paper Products. He was a contract writer for Gibson Greetings for nearly a decade. In 1985, Boldman wrote the adventures of Superman for DC Comics, under the watchful eye of editor and living legend, Julius Schwartz. He has since written a variety of other well-known characters, including "Big Boy," "Bazooka Joe," and strips based on two Disney TV shows: "Disney's Doug," and "Disney's Recess."


Craig Boldman currently writes the Jughead comic book for Archie Comics Publications, and has been writing the Archie newspaper strip since 1992, first in collaboration with artist Dan DeCarlo, and later with Henry Scarpelli, who continues drawing the strip today. He is the co-author/illustrator of a humor book from Andrews McMeel Publishing, "Every Excuse in the Book: 718 Ways to Say 'It's Not My Fault!'"


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Remember the 60's when the Beatles saved Pepperland from the Blue Meanies in the Yellow Submarine? Well, I was the cartoonist responsible for illustrating the Fab Four with Gold Key Comics does. I am an Argentinian born artist who published my first work at the age of only 16. I was inspired by the American cowboy westerns, moved to the States and began work on classics like Billy the Kid, Judge Colt and the Lone Ranger. Then in the 70's, I brought a host of television shows to comic book form with titles such as The Twilight Zone, The Brady Bunch, Hogan's Heroes, Buck Rogers, The Monkees and the Mod Squad.


Back in the 80's, long before the modern superhero dominated the big screen, I worked for the likes of DC and Marvel Comics who penciled the published adventures of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Transformers and The Thundercats. Then in the 90's, when the focus fell on the environment, I helped the country go green when he drew the first issues of Captain Planet and the Planeteers and Brute Force. I continued to be the go-to-guy for cartoon classics like Disney's 101 Dalmatians, Little Mermaid and the Mighty Ducks. When the NFL needed a superhero, I drew the NFL Superpro who ran around with Spiderman fighting crime in the big city.


My eclectic career also includes published illustrated comic books featuring some of our cultures most iconic women such as Raggedy Ann, Little Lulu, Barbie and Wonder Woman. I have also illustrated cartoons for the past 50 years for comic book fans across the world and in several languages. My original comic book pages have been displayed in museums, private collections and can often be seen trading on internet sites. As a former vice-president of the National Cartoonist Society and industry celebrity, I have been featured on various news and entertainment television programs and founded a Cartoon Camp for young cartoonists originally housed at the International Museum of Cartoon Art.


My most recent works take his art to new heights, six foot tall painted murals. They are detailed, original hand-paintings. Larger than life, these acrylic on canvas works of art recreate comic book original pages done years ago.


"My art is a journey of passion. As a young child my world was a pencil and paper. Drawing was the only thing that interested me and to date this passion to draw continues. My art has always been on the pages of comic books, but now I found a new method to showcase these pages by painting them on canvas. I feel that the largeness of the pages brings a sense of exhilaration to my artwork.


Drawing and painting has always been good for my soul. It's my passion and it gives me a purpose in life."


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Broken Icon Comics - featuring Todd Beistel and Eric Watkins (more information coming with next update)

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